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Our team at North London Piano Tuning have been providing professional-level Tuning, Repairs and Removals for almost as long as a decade. We tune, fix, replace and can even completely rebuild your piano from the floor upwards. If you have a piano in need of specialised treatment then our team is just a phone call away, please call our team in Camden Town on 07795189686 or our Islington team on 07867885621. If you prefer you can use our contact form below. Contact Us
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Let our team get your notes back, fix any other issues or move the piano from one location to another.

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London Piano Services

Below you can find our full range of piano services for customers in London. We accept last minute jobs and can provide realistic quotations over the phone to give you a good idea of costs before one of our professional and qualified team members arrives at your London property.

Piano Tuning
We tune all Acoustic upright and grand pianos, including silent models and upgrades. If you have a piano that has pitching and tone issues, then our team can typically tune a piano within just a few hours. All tuning performed is to the highest of standards available. There is no brand we can’t tune, and we regularly work on expensive Bechstein, Elysian, Kawai, Steinway, Yamaha, Young Chang, Zender and Waldermar pianos. Find Out More
upright piano being tuned
Piano Repairs and Restoration
The team at North London Piano Tuner have decades of experience in repairing all types of mechanical pianos with various faults such as broken strings, missing dampers, and broken feet peddles. We fix grand, baby grand and upright pianos in London. Pianos use hundreds of components, but thankfully we stock tens of thousands of replacement parts. In the event, we do not have the required part we can order it, generally within one working day. Find Out More
Piano Removals
Piano removals from one room to another, or from property to the next is a delicate task, and for expensive pianos. Avoid standard removal companies, and use a piano company that can professionally disassemble and then re-assemble without damaging the piano. We use a dedicated removal team that is insured and have experience in moving all types of pianos, from standard uprights to grand pianos A fully insured and professional service from start to finish. Find Out More